Stress Test

How Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Mental Health

Stress can highly affect your mental and physical health with time. In extreme cases, it causes aches and pains, muscle tension, poor sleep quality, and even high blood pressure. If you are stressed, you seeking chiropractic care can be beneficial.


At Premier Chiropractic in Federal Way, WA, we offer various solutions like exercise and wellness advice that can provide you relief. When you visit us, our team of experts will conduct a stress test and develop a treatment plan that can eliminate the discomfort and let you enjoy the activities you love without being hindered. Here are three ways chiropractic care can improve your mental health:

Spinal Adjustments

Your spine is the main support for most of your body. It also provides support to the muscles, ligaments, and nerves. When you are stressed, your muscles build up excess tension, which affects the spine. In most cases, walking, sleeping, or even sitting down may be strenuous because your spine is overwhelmed by the stress in your muscles. Our chiropractor can adjust the spine, which can help you relax. A proper spinal adjustment calms your nerves, minimizes physical pain, and lowers your stress levels.

Food Nutrition

Our chiropractor offers a holistic approach for recovery, and nutrition is part of the treatment. Your body needs a balanced diet every time, especially when stressed. Besides adjusting your spine, we coffer nutritional advice and customized diet plans, which could help you alleviate stress. We can also discuss supplements and nutrients that you can implement into your diet that can help improve your mental health.

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques are necessary in relieving stress and calming your muscles. Our chiropractor provides yoga, art therapy, music, meditation, massage, and deep breathing as part of treatment. Each method is designed to soothe your mind and help minimize stress. Not only that, but a combination of two or more techniques can help provide long-lasting results.

How Often Should I Visit Our Chiropractor for a Stress Test?

Sometimes multiple sessions of therapy can greatly help with stress management. However, our chiropractor can speak with you about how often you should visit, depending on your current results. If you suffer from chronic stress, frequent visits frequent visits may be necessary.

Contact Us for Chiropractic Care

Premier Chiropractor in Federal Way, WA, is here to assist you with chiropractic care if you are anxious and stressed. We offer a wide range of treatment options that can help you return to your normal routine quickly. Visit us today or request an appointment for a prompt response!


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