Corrective Exercises

Corrective Exercises Provide Retraining To Use Our Body's Capabilities

The body is a wonderful system when it works right. However, a whole variety of issues, including genetics and environment, can impact how it develops and performs over time. During childhood, youth compensates for issues and drawbacks significantly, typically overcoming shortfalls with energy and strength. However, as we shift into adulthood, that energy level drops, and other issues start to aggregate, damaging the body’s ability to perform correctly. Weight, poor posture, improper body development, genetics, lack of exercise, and what we eat all contribute to small but growing issues of incorrect function. Corrective exercise guided by a chiropractor aims to reverse these problems.


The Process and Treatment

Corrective exercise works with two phases. The first step involves understanding the nature and extent of the issue that needs correction. For example, if the problem is associated with how one walks (their gait), then the focus will identify exactly what is triggering the incorrect carrying of the body. That could be an issue in the joints, lower back, hips, how weight is carried, or even a cultural issue that a patient was taught and never questioned growing up. Once identified, then treatment is the next step.

Understanding the cause, correct exercises are then applied as a treatment by a chiropractor to retrain the patient to move and function correctly. Instead of fighting the body, the patient is educated on how to work with the body’s functions and natural abilities. Both through training sessions as well as direction, a chiropractor in Federal Way, WA can help a patient overcome issues that might have been settled into practice for years but can be broken with effective treatment.

Areas Affected by Corrective Exercise

Just about any part of the body that moves can be treated. However, the most common areas addressed tend to be the arm and leg joints and how the patient uses them. This can include everything from how to walk to how to lift and how to run all over again. Corrective exercise isn’t just applied to older patients either; many athletes trying to improve their game or recover from a sports injury utilize corrective exercises to maximize their body’s potential again.

Obtaining Corrective Help in Federal Way, WA

At Premier Chiropractic, our approach has always prioritized on prevention as a far more powerful way of dealing with health issues than waiting for something to go wrong. Corrective exercises led by our chiropractor team fit into this philosophy, helping patients learn how to use their body's capability again the right way regarding motion, strength, activity, and similar. Call us today at (206) 878-8888 to set an appointment. We can help fix walking and running problems as well as posture and exercise limitations you're having. Don't struggle alone.


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